Pooboo Recumbent Exercise Bike Stationary Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bikes for Home Cardio Workout Training 350lb

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Why Choose the Recumbent Exercise Bikes?

The technical action of recumbent exercise bikes is relatively simple and easy to use, Therefore, it’s quite popular with most people. According to the research found that about 50 minutes of cycling can be small about 500 calories. Recumbent exercise bikes is a cardio exercise that involves a lot of energy expenditure and fat burning in alternating cycles of strength and endurance, and it also could be conducive to the elimination of metabolites, further improve heart and lung function. Pooboo Recumbent exercise bikes is a great exercise for exercisers who want to burn fat quickly.

Why Choose PooBoo?

Since began in 2016, PooBoo built and focused on a wide-far sports equipment and fitness products, and we are most proud of is an exercise bike. PooBoo has been on a mission to make people enjoy sports and loving fitness through the cutting-edge exercise bike. We design innovative, multi-functional products that realize you desire to keep on fit while making your life just a bit easier and more comfortable.

1. Pooboo W273 recumbent exercise bike is easy and faster to adjust the seat while seating there, with the stainless steel slider design, you will feel smooth, not like others hard to stuck the hole.

2. More space distance between two handles, enough wider seat, thicker seat pad and back will make your long exercise more comfortable!

3. Easy to read LCD monitor, specially designed for senior, it will be best gift for your parents!

4. Our bike's inseam size between 24" to 39", suit for height of 4.5ft to 6.2ft, not like others too small such as 28"-34", or too bigger such as 26"-36"

5. Business quality like thicker tube and more stable structure, you will love this recumbent bike!

Assemble size: 53" * 19.2" * 39.5" ;

Seat height to floor: 16.7" ;

8 Levels Resistance Adjustment;

Pacakges Included:

1x Recumbent Exercise Bike;

1x Instruction;

1x One Year Warranty;

Note: If you want to connec your phone with your recumbent exercise, pls contact us for the free device, we will reply within 24 hours!

  • Easy and Faster Seat Micro Adjustment Design】Pooboo recumbent exercise bike is designed with faster seat adjustment, you will don't need take off the bike to adjust your seat. With the micro design and smooth stainless steel slider, you could find your best distance between the pedal.
  • More Space distance between two handles】Our recumbent bike has more space between two handles, you will feel more free to hold the sensor grips,
  • Bigger and Thicker Seat Pads and Backrest】No worry long exercise any more, wider and thicker pads really fit for senior, it's a best gift for your family!
  • Longer Seat Slider Fit for All Family】Our bike's inseam size between 24" to 39", suit for height of 4.5ft to 6.2ft, not like others too small such as 28"-34", or too bigger such as 26"-36". It's time to exchange your older exercise machine, this recumbent cicle will make your family love it!
  • Clear Digital Monitor Screen】The LCD display on the stationary bike can clearly displays time, speed, distance, calories etc for great readability, help you to check your real-time workout. Especially easy for the elder to read the data clearly.
  • 8 Levels Magnetic Resistance】Pooboo exercise bikes with magnetic control system ensures the smooth and quiet cyling for your cardio workout. There are 8 levels to adjust so that you can choose different tensions exercising by twisting the knob.
  • Easy to Move】You can move the indoor exercise bike easily with transportation wheels on the front of the bike. The solid construction can support a user weighing up to 350 lbs.Suitable for height 4.5'-6'2".
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction】Pooboo exercise bike comes with installation tools, it's a good choice to use it with your families.We provide the customers a 12-month parts replacement and your concerns are answered within 24 hours.
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