pooboo Foldable Scooter-7.9IN Big Wheels for Kid, Teens & Adults, 4 Adjustable Levels, Max Load 176 LBS


You upgrade your phone regularly, so why not your transport?
Designed for kids, teens and adults alike, our premium scooters feature large wheels, adjustable handlebars and wide non-slip deck. So it's time to join us!

Easy to Fold & Store: One-step folding system
Large Wheels: 7.9 inch
4 Adjustable Levels: The adjustable height of the grips is 29.13"-32.68"-35.04"-37.8"
Material: Super strong aluminium T-tube and plastic
Max Loading Weight: 176 LBS
Extra Anti-slip Deck: 14.57"(Width)

If you encounter any questions or problem, please feel free to contact us and we'll help you within 12 hours.

  • 【Made for Kids & Teens】This kick scooter is designed for kids and teens to encourage them to get out and exercise while having fun. Suitable for commuting to school or playing with your friends in the park .
  • 【Adjustable Handle Grips】The scooter is adjustable with 4 holes.(29.13"-32.68"-35.04"-37.8") According to the height and comfort of the rider, so that tall riders do not miss out on the scooting fun.A perfect family scooter can be used by both adults,daughter and son.
  • 【Easy to Use & Store】The lightweight scooter requires no assembled.All you need to do is unfold the T-tube, adjust the height on the adjustable handlebars,secure it and scoot away. Plus,just push the folding button to fold your scooter into a small compact size. This scooter is perfect to pack in the car and take anywhere on the go.
  • 【Ride Effortlessly】Our scooter is equipped with 7.9inch PU extra large wheels, durable bearings and shock absorbing mechanism to provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride on the go, making it perfect for many kinds of sidewalks.A textured, non-slip deck that helps you keep your footing as you glide from place to place.
  • 【Saftey & Comfy Feature】Designed with everyone's safety in mind, our scooter featured with durable and sturdy deck and super strong aluminium T-tube supports riders up to 176 pounds.The rubber grips provide extra comfort and a steady hold. T-bar Lock offers steady and secure ride, so you will not feel handlbar wobble even on uneven sidewalks.
  • 【One-step folding system】Whether it's a child, teenager, or adult, it's easy to fold and unfold. Folded size only 31.8"*12.6", suitable for car trunk, home locker or stowing under a desk.
  • 【Perfect Gift】Whether it's birthday gift, Thanksgiving gift,or a Christmas gift, it will be a great gift that anyone really wants.
  • 【Satisfied service】If you encounter any questions or problem, please feel free to contact us and we'll help you within 12 hours.
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