Pooboo Build-in Bluetooth Water Rowing Machines Rower Foldable Indoor Rower Machines Home Exercise 350lb

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Product Description

H762 Build-in Bluetooth Pooboo Water Rowing Magnetic Row Machine

What is a water rowing machine?

This is an effective aerobic exercise machine that can exercise the entire body. The exercise effect of the water rowing machine is to exercise the whole body through the arms, legs and back, so the calorie consumption is large, and effective training can be carried out in a short time.

The H762 water rowing machine can provide comfortable indoor exercise experience with adjustable resistance levels, just like you really rowing a boat in a lake, is really funning and ergonomic! The pressure on the joints is small and the risk of injury is low. Professional field can be used as rehabilitation training after joint injury. Sliding the lever to a large extent drives the muscles of the whole body, which can improve the cardiopulmonary function, increase the flexibility of the body, maintain the body and shape the muscles.


Water Resistance Adjustable Funning & High-effectively

H762 rowing machine is designed with all steel forging, it can bear a person up to 350lbs. Also with a high-quality solid aluminum slide rail will definitely provide a great smooth rowing experience.

Products Weight: 57.35lbs

Shipping Weight: 64lbs

Product Size:70*17.3*29.5 in

Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Folded Dims: 4.2ft

  • Pooboo Water Rowing Machine & Simulate Real Rowing a boat】The rowing machine is an efficient machine for full-body muscle training. It engages 90% muscle group,  which targets are quadriceps, calves, glutes, pecs, arms, abdominal muscles and obliques. It burns serious calories without putting extra stress on your joints. With its compact style, ergonomic design details, poobo row machine will make your exercise more fun and effectively!
  • No Worry Water Leakage】pooboo resistance system is equipped with Aviation-standard Polycarbonate tank,bearings,and EPDM Rubber Sealing ring. You never have to worry about water leakage caused by broken tanks and rusted screws.
  •  Easy and Quick Assembly】Easy to install with only 4 major steps in about 20 minutes. A detailed user manual, installation video and professional worry-free customer care will help you complete the setup effortlessly. And you can start rowing with ease.
  • Built-in Bluetooth & Easy to Track Exercise Data】The water rowing machine supports with KINOMAP APP and iconsole app, help you more convenient to track the training data. Also, you can experience different rowing scenarios at home, making the training more real and interesting.
  • Easy to Read LCD Monitor & 360° Adjustment Holder】Our LCD monitor is green lightness, which make it easy to read, not like others hard to read. 360° adjustment iPad/Phone holder, fit your any kinds of need!
  • Comfort Rowing Movement】The length of the slide rail is 42.12", which gives you a long enough glide distance. This rower machine is also equipped with a soft padded seat cushion, which makes it more comfortable when rowing for a long time. Suitable for users from 4'11" to 6'2" tall. Maximum weight capacity is 350 lbs.
  • Space Saving】Compact design makes the water rower machine take up about 2.8 ft². Upright storage design maximizes space, allowing it to fit in any corner of your house or apartment. Built-in transport wheels make it easy to move it without assistance. Good rowing machine for home use.
  • Professional Customer Care & 100% Satisfaction】We provide one year warranty, professional and prompt after-sales service. If you have any questions about the installation and use of the this water rowing machine, please contact us at the first time, we will answer you within 24 hours and won't let you suffer any loss!
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